About Us

C. Mark Mann School of Dental Assisting

A career school that teaches the fundamentals of dental assisting and the necessary requirements to become a Texas registered dental assistant.

markC. Mark Mann School of Dental Assisting came into being when Dr. Mann realized that most dental assistants begin working without any knowledge of dental assisting. Most often their employer trains them out of necessity and they don’t learn all they should know. The dentist employer doesn’t have the tools, time nor the desire to train them. With dental assistants in such great demand and staff shortages so high, Dr. Mann started the dental assisting school to fill this need.

Any two dental practices are different in many ways, but basic dental assisting knowledge is necessary for all dental practices. Training time must be spent on new dental assistants whether they are just starting out or already experienced.

According to Dr. Mann, training the beginning dental assistant in both basic and expanded duties is too time consuming, so it’s easier just to find someone who already has experience. “With so many dental practices looking only for experienced dental assistants,” says Dr. Mann, “dental assisting has become a high demand profession.”


Kim Mann, Dr. Mann’s wife is the Director of Education.
She has a Bachelor of Science degree in both mathematics and computer science and a Master of Arts degree in mathematics. She has been the office manager for the dental practice since 1991. Kim is always available to answer questions about the school and to enroll new students. She also teaches classes in dental office business training and computers. If you have any questions call her, because she’s ready and willing to answer them for you.